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Cross-country Skiing and Ski Touring

The Železná Ruda Region offers tens of kilometres of machine-maintained cross-country ski tracks. If there is enough snow, the ski tracks are regularly maintained with a snowmobile. We offer you a couple of tips for cross-country ski trips of various difficulty levels. The ski tracks can be combined as needed and some of them are connected to cross-country ski tracks on the German side.

HERE can find tips for cross-country skiing trips.

For current state of cross-country ski tracks see www.bilastopa.cz

In the Železná Ruda Region you will find also 7 ski-touring marked tracks featuring various difficulty levels. Five of them lead across the Špičák Ski Resort. You can find equipment for this active sport in our lending facility.

After 16:00 hours, it is forbidden to enter the pistes of the Špičák Ski Resort. Risk of injury.


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