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Preparations for summer season

Preparations for summer season

20. 03. 2014

Winter season in Špičák ended slightly earlier than usually but in the resort of Špičák there are a lot of events in summer months as well.

The preparations for the summer season have already started. The summer operation of the cableway, as well as the bikepark opening, is going to start on 31 May 2014. In this summer there will take place a basic event, which is the opening of a lookout tower on the peak of Špičák. For the first time the tourists will have the opportunity to look around from the top of a 26-metre-high lookout tower.

Ski lift in operation until Friday

03. 03. 2014

This winter does not support us. The lack of snow and the impossibility of artificial snowing due to plus temperature urged us to stop the operation of the last ski lift too early. The piste ”Spodní Šance” will be in operation on 7 March 2014 for the last time.

Night skiing does not take place since today – 5 March 2014. The ski rental, ski service and snack-bar are still open

Ski school in Železná Ruda is in operation

Ski school in Železná Ruda is in operation

01. 03. 2014

The branch of our ski school in Železná Ruda in the ski resort Nad nádražím is in operation daily. In Špičák there are regrettably not convenient conditions for teaching. Therefore it is possible to use only the branch office in Železná Ruda. In case of interest, you may use the telephone of that office to contact it – +420602457611.

Winter Season in Špičák to START this Friday

Winter Season in Špičák to START this Friday

08. 12. 2013

The skiing season in Špičák starts already this Friday, on 6 December. We will start this winter season by launching operation of the cableway to the Špičák peak and by opening the Slalom Piste no. 3 covered with technical snow. There is 30 to 50 cm of snow on this piste. We are starting at lower out-of-season prices. Daily skiing for an adult person will thus cost CZK 440. Our ski rental facility and ski service station will be open as well and you will have a possibility of ordering professional installation of ski binding or ski servicing on a real-time basis.

K2 Test Centre

K2 Test Centre

03. 12. 2013

Like every year, also this year we have prepared for you a K2 brand test centre in our ski rental facility. K2 became a pioneer of the Rocker technology and thus it started a similar boom as carving skis several years ago. This technology is focused on the needs of all skiers again, and it makes skiing easier and especially more funny for all - from beginners to experts. The K2 model series for the 2013/2014 winter season features several changes. Freestyle and Freeride models of the Factory series have been fostered in a significant way. Most models were renamed, which contributed to a better orientation in the entire series range. Among other things it is necessary to mention widening of women’s skis, almost every ski has its women’s alternative across all categories.

You can find the complete offer of our test centre here.

The staff of our ski rental facility will be glad to provide you with detailed information.

Preparations Continue over the Weekend Too

Preparations Continue over the Weekend Too

27. 11. 2013

Preparations of ski pistes for the beginning of the winter season are still fully underway. If the temperature remains below zero, we will continue to generate technical snow. The planned term for operation commencement is preliminarily on Saturday, December 7, which means next weekend. Concerning impatient lovers of winter sports who would like to make a trip to Špičák before the opening of the winter season, we ask them to avoid movements on ski pistes. The ski pistes undergo an intensive process of technical snowing and snowmobiles are moving there.

Preparations are fully underway also in the ski rental facility where new testing models of K2 skis are already waiting for their users.

We will inform you about the exact term of commencement of operation here on our web sites or on our facebook.

Snow Guns to Generate Snow for Špičák

Snow Guns to Generate Snow for Špičák

25. 11. 2013

Technical snowing was launched in Špičák on Sunday, in the evening. Altogether 7 snow guns and 16 snow making tubes are generating snow for the red slalom piste now. The temperature on the peak dropped down to ten degrees Celsius below zero in the morning, which means ideal conditions for technical snowing. The frosty weather should last also during upcoming days and there will be more and more snow on the pistes.

NIGHTWORK in the Špičák resort

24. 01. 2013 Everybody can see, this Saturday, that the Špičák resort does not live on skiing and sports only. You can enjoy the live concert of the NIGHTWORK Group directly on the piste.

It is snowing and the snow layer is growing

21. 01. 2013 At the beginning of the week it is snowing again in the Špičák area. Snow is expected to be falling during next days as well.

Enjoy 45cm of new snow on the pistes

17. 01. 2013 With the help of snow guns we created on average 35 cm of technical snow on all the pistes.
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